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Stone Veneer and Brick Veneer – Natural and Manufactured Products

Manufactured stone veneers, or faux stone veneers are rapidly gaining popularity as they continually improve over the years to really look like natura

All Types of Stone and Brick Veneer and Siding Products

Renew your house with natural and faux stone veneer from Canyon Stone Canada. Such lightweight products have become increasingly popular as a decorati

Canyon Stone Canada - Natural, Quartzite and Faux Ledge Stone Panels

Ledge stone, also known as stacked stone, is a traditional stonework, utilizing blended stones, installed in dry stack, or using a mortar, cement, and

Canyon Stone Canada – Budget-Friendly Lightweight Stone Veneer

If you want to refresh and increase the value of your house or make the appearance of your commercial building eye-catching, stone veneer is a great s

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New Brunswick (ATLANTIC COAST)

Cozy home on 500 000 fts square land close to the river ( perfect for nature lover ) farm and growing possibilities... Make your dream near the Atlant

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Live edge black walnut

Beautiful live edge black walnut pieces. $25.00 ea.

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