If you are visiting Toronto for the first time and searching for a fantastic journey in Toronto? Whether for work or pleasure, travelling and explorin

Helijet certificates

I have 4 single seat Helijet certificates for Toronto that can be sent to you by email and be used anytime for up to one year.

Want to Rent a Yacht?Renting One Made Easier with Chartered4!

Whether you want to celebrate an event or escape the reality,you cannot go wrong in the lap of the nature.And what is a better option than having a re

Lease a Boat and Ease your Worries with Chartered4!

Feeling pissed off at anything and everything you do? Your job, your family,your friends everyone seems boring to you at the moment? Then, my friend y

ToNiagara - Toronto to Niagara Falls Tours

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are planning a trip, or a vacation and you do not know what attractions to visit? After all a tr