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Posted on 24-Feb-2023 6:33
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What is an appointment set Up?

Appointment set-up means setting an appointment with the leads to clearly explain the company’s products or services to them. The appointment-setting process can be done by a company’s in-house sales team or one can hire appointment-setting specialists.

How does appointment setting works

Every company that offers appointment-setting services is distinct, but the basic idea is to give importance to your workflow by taking care of setting the appointment.

They include:

The appointment-setting team you outsourced makes a successful appointment as soon as the client initiates an online request. This may include sending confirmation to clients, updating your internal team, etc.
They will make sure to send clear reminders and confirmations of upcoming appointments and maintain your calendar full.
The outsourced team will be informing you about rescheduled appointments and new customer appointments.

If you are looking to outsource appointment-setting services, UltraConnect could be the perfect fit. Their pro team approaches each call with dedication.

Appointment Set Up | How it works | UltraConnect toronto