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Posted on 14-Jan-2020 19:01
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Today is really good day for Bitcoin investors. Many traders claim the bull run just started and we crossed all important barriers. People finding pervious similar patterns from 2015 and 2016 when last big bull run had started. And it i very possible that this is the case.

But, there is always BUT. There also were previous similar patterns where BTC price kept going down, and bull signal was false.
Attaching here weekly chart showing example from July 2018 when we just crossed EMA 20 , the MACD was just turning green, and RSI was not high. And today we are repeating the exact same pattern. And we know where we headed at the end in 2018.

Will Bitcoin price will repeat the move from mid of 2018 or this time it actually will turn the opposite side.

Bitcoin bullish rally just started, is it? toronto