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Malmesbury MMC is a top hyperbaric chamber manufacturer in South Africa with 50-year experience and having branches worldwide. We work under ISO9001, ISO13485, and all models of chambers are with CE Certificate.

Slide door entry for ease of use.
1.5 ATA (7 psi) operating pressure.
Easy installation and operation.
The Control system combines compressor, oxygen concentrator, and cooling unit.
Delivers 95% oxygen under pressure via face mask (optional).

We’ll deliver to your door or workplace anywhere in the world. Stock Available. Guaranteed Quality. Worldwide Shipping.
Logistics delivery (estimated): 4-7 days

Contact us to place your order.
Email: [email protected]

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Malmesbury MMC is a team of dedicated professionals whose purpose is to identify, develop and sustain a worldwide competitive offering of high-quality technology solutions to the healthcare community.

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