Online Tutoring with Certified Full-Time TDSB teacher (20 yrs)

Posted on 8-Dec-2023 12:37
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•Experienced full-time Toronto District School Board teacher with over 20+ years of experience
•Elementary-High School Math and Language preparation with excellent results
•Baccalaureate, AP, SAT preparation

•Bachelor of Education (Western University)
•Bachelor of Performance (McGill University)
•Ontario College of Teachers Certification
•OISE Additional Qualifications (University of Toronto)
•Former EQAO supervisor
•TDSB full time teacher 2001- present
•taught Primary, Junior, Intermediate, Senior levels
•very experienced with students who have special needs
•currently teach at a school with students who have gifted designation
•Math and English specialist
•successfully prepared students for various entrance exams to private schools (UTS, UCC, Bishop Strachan)
•Math training includes cross-strand approach with emphasis on problem solving skills
•English tutoring focuses on improving writing skills (essay, expository, descriptive) and enhancements of content and conventions. •Reading comprehension is based on developing critical thinking skills and formulating responses that surpass provincial standards.

Online Tutoring with Certified Full-Time TDSB teacher (20 yrs) toronto