TREZO G-150T Guillotine (Cutter) for tobacco leaves

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Posted on 6-May-2022 7:29
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We are pleased to present TREZO G-150T machine intended to work in the continuous mode at high cutting quality and high productivity.

The machine has been designed to ensure its durability, reliability, easy operation, productivity, cutting quality and low noise level.

The machine has two belts – 150 mm wide, which reliably press the conveyed material. The conveyor belt is mounted along the length of the whole machine thanks to which manual transfer of the product can be avoided. Belts are driven by high quality gear wheels (due to lack of chain the constant crimping force is kept).

Very quiet operation, easy transport and low power consumption make our machine the leader in this group.

The mounted components (gear wheels, belts, bearings, clutches) of renowned companies guarantee reliability.

We are the only company which equips the machine with double edged knives of multiple sharpening, made of specially pressed and abrasion resistant HARDOX steel.

Technical data:

Motor: 2.2 KW / 1380 rpm, power supply 400V

Number of knives in the set: 1 pc.

Knife dimensions: 170 mm x 200 mm

Cutting thickness: 0.1 mm-2 mm (smooth adjustment)


for 0.2 mm cutting thickness from 50 to 80 kg/h

for 0.7 mm cutting thickness ca. 150 kg/h

Delivery time depends on stock level and does not exceed 3 working days.

We also sell spare parts, knives and provide knife sharpening service.

Promotion: 5 knives for free!!!

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TREZO G-150T Guillotine (Cutter) for tobacco leaves toronto
TREZO G-150T Guillotine (Cutter) for tobacco leaves toronto
TREZO G-150T Guillotine (Cutter) for tobacco leaves toronto