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Posted on 2-Sep-2023 10:31
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Combines performance and reliability with exceptional value for money.

This water still incorporates a number of operational and safety features that make this still the ideal choice for yours laboratory.

It is the only water still to feature an original high quality glass boiler and condenser.


High Quality Distillate - Water still will produce 4litres per hour of pyrogen-free single distilled water complying to ASTM and ISO standards.

Safety First - The chromium plated double earthed heating element is fitted with two independent re-settable thermostats to protect the still from overheating should the water supply fail.

Keeping Cool - The highly efficient glass coil condenser ensures that the distillate is cooled ready for use.

Easy Cleaning - Cleaning the still could not be simpler.

Just add the cleaning solution via the funnel on the boiler.

No glassware dismantling will be required.


Glass boiler and condenser minimize potential contamination of distillate from the leaching effect of distilled water on metal components.

3kW chromium plated heating element with 2 independent re-settable thermostats protect the still in the event of water supply failure.

Easy to clean.

No glassware dismantling is required.

Can be wall or bench mounted.

Supplied with an instruction/operating manual.

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