Brebeuf College School (Catholic Secondary School) - Toronto Private School

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Brebeuf College School is a TCDSB boys’ secondary school, whose main apostolate is the Christian education of youth. Brebeuf College has a tradition of devotion to Christian values and academic excellence, which prepares students for their roles in society.
Students participate in a wide spectrum of activities, including music, and drama productions, as well as a variety of athletic programs at both the intramural and extramural levels. Extended French, Gifted, Resource, ESL, and Co-operative Education programs are available for students with appropriate qualifications. As well, Brebeuf offers an Advanced Placement program that allows students to study enriched materials and to develop university level skills. In many cases they may also earn advanced placement (credit) for university, while still in high school. Students in this 4 year program will study an enriched curriculum in areas such as English, French, Mathematics and Computers.

Academics and Curriculum
The Ontario curriculum establishes high, internationally competitive standards of education for secondary school students across the province. The curriculum has been designed with the goal of ensuring that graduates from Ontario secondary schools are well prepared to lead satisfying and productive lives as both citizens and individuals, and to compete successfully in a global economy and a rapidly changing world.
For every course offered at the secondary level, the curriculum outlines clear and detailed curriculum expectations – that is, the particular knowledge and skills that students are expected to demonstrate by the end of each course.