Greenwood College School - Toronto Private School

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Greenwood College School is a co-educational independent day school for students in Grades 7 through 12. Founded by Richard Wernham, Julia West, David Latimer and the late John Latimer, the school opened its doors to 72 students in Grades 7 and 9, in a half-renovated office building in September 2002.

Greenwood offers a complete academic program for Grades 7 through 12.

The Grade 7/8 program addresses the complex needs of the adolescent learner and is organized to ensure the healthy growth and development of each student. The program includes: English, French, math, science, history, geography, physical education, and the arts (music, drama, media and visual arts). However, several of these subjects are presented using an interdisciplinary approach. The emphasis is placed on mastery of key concepts and skills.

Course content follows the expectations outlined in the Ontario curriculum. Arts courses are semestered. Over the course of the two-year program, Grade 7/8 students earn one high school credit for the BTT1O course (Information and Communication Technology in Business). The expectations of this course, which focus on the effective use of business software and technology, are integrated with core academic subjects, allowing students to optimize their use of computer software across all subjects.

Greenwood's high school credit courses represent a rich array. Grade 9 students complete six compulsory courses and choose two electives from a menu of four arts courses, sociology and business technology. Grade 10 students complete five compulsory courses and select three electives from courses that include humanities, film, arts and business. Students selecting arts courses are able to reach ahead, enabling them to achieve Grade 12 credits while enrolled in Grade 11.

In the final two years of high school, students can choose from a range of U, M, and some C level courses. Greenwood offers specialized math and science courses, and has developed unique interdisciplinary courses, such as Headlines of History and Human Rights. Students can also explore their interests through such courses as Exercise Science, Challenge and Change in Society, and Canadian Law.