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Richmond Hill Montessori is a private school that provides an exceptional positive nurturing environment. We provide Montessori preschool programs for children ages 3 to 6 and elementary private school programs for students in grades 1 through to grade 8 and prepare them for secondary high school. Our facilities are ultra-modern and equipped for athletics, academics, nutrition, music, computer studies and visual arts to name a few. Visit our calendar page for the latest updates on open houses, summer camp, and all other events including our annual family fun day. Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, we educate students from the Greater Toronto Area regions such as Markham, Newmarket, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Unionville, Vaughan, and Woodbridge so feel free to visit us, browse our site and call at any time. Celebrating our 25th year in 2011, we are proud to serve our community well into the next century.

The Montessori Method dates back to 1907 when Italian physician Maria Montessori discovered "the child's true nature". Children are curious and have an innate ability to learn through exploration and discovery.

Based on her observations, she created an environment prepared with materials designed for their self-directed learning activity.The method itself aims to duplicate this experimental observation of children to bring about, sustain and support their true natural way of being.

At Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School, one of our directives is to bring the world into the classroom using a multitude of resources. The transformation of classroom into 'real world' requires not only physical resources such as textbooks, exercise books, maps, globes, and computers; it also requires very important abstract resources such as imagination, vision, and passion. We believe that, together, these ingredients are essential if the transformation is to be a successful one.